Absolute Real Estate Solutions, Inc. is not just another real estate company, we are different from most, because of our philosophical value add approach to solving problems for our clients and investors. We put the interests of our clients first and look at EACH investment from a strategic perspective as well as from the perspective of EACH individual client. Our business started with distressed property acquisitions and creative funding solutions which has equipped us with the ability to create “Key Solutions”.

Our work is focused on being an asset to our clients and maximizing value of each property by increasing the “bottom line” and subsequently net worth.

We offer a wide variety of real estate investment services and funding options. Our primary focus is on empowering individuals and inspiring them to achieve their highest potential. We believe that if we provide encouragement and the necessary resources to achieve financial freedom through an individual’s real estate investment objectives, we will be able to impact our communities, and future generations.

I have been ABSOLUTELY blessed to have collaborated with some AMAZING individuals and teams, and I am GRATEFUL for the opportunity to build this business with “you” being a part of it.

The vision of our company is in line with my personal statement:

“I was created with the purpose to use my gifts and talents to inspire, empower, and positively impact the lives of those whom path I cross. It is a blessing for me to “deposit” into your life by using my ‘light’ to ‘light your candle’ which subsequently creates a brighter path for all!

My greatest fulfillment comes from helping others to realize their dreams and achieve optimal personal and business success.”

~D. Marquette

We CERTAINLY look forward to serving you with EXCELLENCE and building a mutually beneficial relationship!

Kingdom Blessings,
Darryl Marquette
Principal at
Absolute Real Estate Solutions, Inc.

Darryl Marquette